Access Management

Access Management

Torii GRC provides holistic approach to access management. Our access provisioning module is capable of handling users’ security entitlements effectively and more importantly, evaluates needs and assigns entitlements accordingly that are in tune with the compliance procedures and are deactivated automatically within reliable measures when the staff, manager and parties move out of the organization.

Self-Service Access Provisioning for Oracle EBS

Torii provides a powerful role based platform for automated provisioning and integrated identity management to safeguard sensitive data Torii and enhance business performances. Oracle self service provisioning for Oracle EBS empowers employees... Read More

User Provisioning for Enterprise Applications

User provisioning enables to create, modify, alter and delete user accounts and their profiles across the entire IT framework and business application. Provisioning tools adopts approaches like on-boarding, off boarding techniques that are.. Read More

User Provisioning for Cloud Applications

Providing easy, secure access to both SaaS and internal applications is critical to user productivity and successful adoption. Users want simple, one-click access to all their applications, but organizations need to have control and visibility... Read More

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